A Legal Firm Where the Client Always Comes First

Our clients are a diverse set of individuals and families that share our guiding principles. Many seek counsel in times of a crisis. An individual is seeking to put their affairs in order or their children are attempting to pick up the pieces of an estate after a death. Estate and inheritance tax returns need to be filed. A couple is seeking options on how to best fund a sudden need for long term care. Others are seeking a strategic plan for the future to protect their assets.

Our Guiding Principles

When you enlist the Ergood Law, LLC, you’re also enlisting a set of values that will guide our work together. The following principles underscore how we approach the work we do, what we expect of our strategic partners and how we interact with our clients.



Openness makes for a more powerful and effective attorney-client partnership. In order to advocate for a client’s best interest, Laura and her staff take the time to learn from, care about and invest in them.


Problem solving is the goal along with equipping our clients to be self-reliant, wise and optimistic as they deal with their families, legacies & lives. This helps to restore peace of mind and hope in the midst of complex legal situations.


Communicating clearly, directly & honestly is very important in our working relationship with clients. Laura works tirelessly when it comes to ensuring her clients have the resources, information and support they need to reach real solutions to their problems.


Laura and her staff are committed to follow-through and completion. Because we work with people we believe in, we remain competitive, resilient and adaptable throughout the entire process.