The office atmosphere was welcoming and very professional. After speaking with Laura, I knew I needed her to handle my estate planning, wills, and power of attorney.
J.L. 2/14/24

Everyone was very professional and friendly. It was a relaxing experience each and every time I have been there, and Laura is very knowledgeable.
K.B. 11/28/23

Professional and friendly. I’ve been in several attorney’s offices over the past 15 years, all stodgy, unlike Ergood Law. The very first time meeting the receptionist was very welcoming, putting me at ease. It made it easier to talk to Laura during this difficult time. Work was done at a very professional level, yet everyone I worked with made me feel more like a friend rather than a client.
L.T. 9/19/23

Everyone was warm and professional. Ergood Law is a wonderful firm where everyone cares about you and your needs. You are in good hands.
D.L. 7/11/23

I was very comfortable working with everyone in the firm.
G.M. 7/10/23

All of the staff were well educated and knew many difficult law interests. I was very satisfied working with them.
D.D. 6/19/23

I was a little nervous at first, but after talking to Laura, she made me feel very comfortable. She was very up to date on everything that pertained to me.
P.P. 3/10/23

Ms. Ergood always answered my questions, and if there was something she was unsure of, she would find out. I felt very welcomed and was impressed by the entire team.
M.D. 4/21/22

I learned so much and always felt advised. You have compassion and incredible knowledge of what is best for my Dad. You are all wonderful!
M.A. 4/10/22

I felt very comfortable during my first in-person meeting, and I think that the firm’s biggest strength is “making me feel like family.”
B.R. 3/1/22

Your professional services were invaluable. I would have been a hot mess if it was not your patience and guidance the entire process with my dad’s illness. You were there every time I need to call and cry/vent or just needed someone to listen to me. I’m sure I drove you nuts asking the same questions and having you to constantly explain things to me. You never got annoyed or acted like I was a pain in the butt. Your friendship I will be forever grateful for. If it was not for you, I can’t imagine what would have happened to my dad. Don’t ever downplay what you do for us caretakers/family members! We really would be lost with you and your services!
Betty 1/7/22

What a great business and compassionate individual Laura is. I know in my heart her business will be a huge success. You are a hard and caring worker. Thank you for everything – J.C. 9/22/21

I was aware of the costs of elder care and I was pleased with the amount charged. It made it affordable for me. I would highly recommend this law firm for their warmth, professionalism, and knowledge. I was made to feel very comfortable discussing end of life matters. – P.S. 9/9/21

The entire team was extremely pleasant to deal with. – A.L. 8/17/21

Everyone we came in contact with was very pleasant!- J.S. 8/6/21

I felt as comfortable as possible during a pandemic. Everyone was pleasant and professional, and everything was clearly stated prior to any engagement.- E.C. 4/9/21

Laura Ergood and her staff were very professional and knowledgeable. They showed a lot of respect throughout the process and always made me very comfortable.- A.L. 3/10/21

Laura Ergood and her team are true professionals. They helped us navigate through our complicated estate planning. They made this process easy to understand. They are a pleasure to work with.- S.B. 1/7/21

My experience with Ergood Law was nothing short of amazing. Laura Ergood and her staff were very kind, caring, and patient.  They fully explained all of the processes and the legal terms that I was not clear on. The team really made the process of putting my will together very easy.- J.M. 5/18/20

Everything was covered from A to Z , and her professionalism and knowledge of the law was outstanding.  I don’t know what I would have done without Mrs. Ergood.  – D.H. 5/17/20

Laura proved herself to be a competent, compassionate, and thorough attorney dealing with my father’s will and trust. If I come across anyone in need of her services, I will not hesitate recommending her.  – J.R. 3/5/20

Laura, thank you so much for the beautiful basket, as well as all of your hard work on behalf of my Mom. It meant more than you will ever know. Please extend my appreciation to your wonderful staff as well. You are all outstanding.   – T.N. 3/3/20

With the expertise your office put forth in our case, we would definitely recommend you to anyone. If all law offices were this nice to work with, how wonderful would that be?   – R.B. 2/6/20

Everyone at the office was very warm and sensitive to our emotional needs. It has been a very difficult time and everyone’s patience and empathy has been greatly appreciated.    – A.A. 1/26/20

A welcoming and relaxed atmosphere that put me at ease discussing serious issues. Laura is easily accessible and reliable with quick turnaround times and answers to my concerns. Laura showed great compassion along with superior expertise while preparing my will. I left feeling confident with the decisions I made as well as feeling I had established a professional friendship I could rely on in the future.    – M.L. 1/6/20

Laura and her staff were friendly and pleasant throughout the process. She did not rush elderly people who are slow, and I appreciated that.  – H.F. 1/5/20

Laura and her staff are warm, kind, and thoroughly professional.  – B.H 10/29/19

Your firm’s biggest strengths are your knowledge, professionalism, and kindness. – Mr & Mrs. Francis, 8/14/19

Thank you Laura for helping me find direction, peace of mind, and being someone I could trust and rely on for guidance. – S.L., 7/2/19

When my mother went into a nursing home at $12,000 per month, we expected that she would outlive her funds and that we would be making an application to Medicaid. Laura was recommended to me by my accountant. At the initial consultation Laura recommended a course of action that eventually made a very substantial financial impact on the outcome. Our case was complex and we were initially denied. Laura applied her expertise and great effort and we prevailed in court. We are very thankful for her representation. Also, greatly appreciate Laura’s staff. Michele and Kathy were very helpful and supportive during the entire process. Thank you Laura and staff. – R.M., 5/1/19

Hi Laura – Thank you for making this whole very involved process easy and seamless! Working with you is like working with a dear friend. Thank you again. – M.E., 2/11/19

Ms. Ergood and her staff were of great assistance to us in preparing legal documents for my elderly parents. They were comprehensive, responsive, professional and very pleasant and caring. We would highly recommend this firm for elder law issues.. – M.D., 12/12/18

I cannot say enough good things about Laura Ergood and her staff. If you are looking for an elder attorney, you don’t need to look anymore….I doubt you will find anyone better. Laura took me on as a client when I needed to get my mother‘s finances in order and also go through the Medicaid process for eventual placement in a long-term care facility. My mother, having had Alzheimer’s, had lived with me for a long time with a caregiver, but was running out of money for home care. Laura took on a massive and very complex and complicated mess of finances and was able to piece it all together. Her knowledge, tenacity, guidance, care and compassion helped get me through this difficult process. Her and her staff were so organized and thorough … they did not miss a thing. I could not have done this without them.

Laura and Her staff were always accessible and responsive to any call or email I made. Every one of them was kind and patient with all of my questions and concerns.

I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend her. I still can’t believe she accomplished all she did… she was truly amazing. – J.S., 11/8/18

Laura obviously genuinely cares about her clients. I never felt like just another case file. – T.D., 9/23/18

Extremely happy. The firm’s biggest strength is attention to detail and listening to the client. – C.B., 9/12/18

I met Ms. Ergood at a presentation she held to help senior citizens understand and navigate Medicaid. Her presentation was quite good and Incented me to contact her for my legal needs.

Laura was very knowledgeable in matter of elder care and special needs. When I met her at her office, she provide thorough, thoughtful and insightful answers to my questions.

After I selected Laura as my attorney, she and her staff were very professional and completed everything to my complete satisfaction.

I would highly recommend Laura for any and all legal needs. She is compassionate, understanding and made me feel very comfortable with her. These are important attributes to me.

I take great comfort in knowing all of my legal needs are complete and done well. I also know she will be there to assist my children with settling my estate when the time comes. I trust her. – B.H., 8/18/18

“I just wanted to take a moment and formally thank you for your help in settling my mother’s estate and preparing our new wills. Your straightforward, yet pleasant approach to our needs was greatly appreciated.

Please also pass our thanks along to your wonderful staff. They were always pleasant, courteous, and helpful.” – T.D., 6/25/18

“Good morning … I just wanted to give a big giant thank you to you and your whole office for all the work you have put into this project. It was a monstrous undertaking and I am so grateful for you taking it on. Everyone has worked so hard to get it to this point! I know this is the start of the next phase but I just want you all to know how much I appreciate all that you have done! Have a wonderful weekend and holiday.” – J.S., 6/24/18

“I visited the Moorestown and Cherry Hill offices, and the atmosphere was pleasant and comfortable. Laura’s personal involvement and caring was easily her biggest strength.” – C.B., 5/24/18

“Laura was always professional, personable & knowledgeable.” – M.C., 12/2017

“Professional, helpful and good advice. Staff was excellent.” – P.C., 10/2017

“I couldn’t believe how Laura ‘took he bull by the horns’ and did everything for me.” – D.C., 10/2017

“I have found my experience with Ergood Law to be pleasant, helpful and conducted to my complete satisfaction. This is a warm, friendly office where time will be taken to make sure the client is happy with a job.” – H.L., 7/2017

“Ergood Law helped us tremendously with setting up our Wills. They were incredibly thorough and professional.” – E.C., 1/2017

“I don’t know what to say except THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

Thank you for believing in us and for all you have done for our family. Our Dad raised us to believe in ourselves and what is right and wrong and I know that is what you believe also. I guess believing in a “matter of principle” worked! I know it was time consuming for you and a complicated estate. Thank you for your patience and compassion with our emotions. You are the BEST. I am glad we have you on our side!” – L.T., 7/2016

“Ms. Ergood is extremely knowledgeable in her fields of law. Her attention to detail and thoroughness is exceptional. She is helping with estate planning and trust work and explains very complicated issues pertaining to the Medicaid look-back period etc. so well and easy to understand – even for my 85-year-old father. Her knowledge of the law is superior and when she is unsure, she researches to find the answer. We had a complicated trust based in VA with different laws than NJ and she researched and presented us with several well informed options. Highly recommend her.” – A.R., 2/26/16

“I went to Laura because my dad had just passed away and his estate needed to be processed. As executrix of his estate, I had a general idea what needed to be done but felt it was best to obtain a lawyer to make sure there won’t be any repercussions. With Laura’s expertise, I felt comfortable knowing she was taking care of all the details. She answered all my questions and guided me through the process with step by step. I can now feel at ease knowing that everything was completed and done correctly thanks to Laura.” – K.R., 6/30/15

“Laura first met with my Mom for estate planning, and unexpectedly turned into being the Estate Attorney. She treated my Mom with the utmost respect and kindness. She had to deal with extremely difficult personalities of 2 other family members. She handled them with grace and patience. She was prompt with returning emails and phone calls. I would recommend her highly to anyone in need. My husband and I would never hesitate to call her for anything.” – L.G., 6/22/15

“Laura provided my family with the highest quality legal services in establishing a special needs trust. She was extremely professional and responsive to our needs. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of her expertise.” – L.G., 2/2015

“Laura not only went the extra mile in handling the estate, she went many extra miles to meet with my dad in the nursing home and at our house when he came here under hospice care. Her diligence, dedication, and attention to details were outstanding. She kept in constant contact through every critical stage, was genuinely concerned and caring, and always returned emails and phone calls promptly. Laura was a knowledgeable and encouraging teacher as she guided me through the daunting task of handling the estate which was fraught with many complications. Laura’s expertise with legal technicalities kept the business of managing the estate on course.” – J.G., 2012

“I went to Laura with some concerns in reference to my estate planning needs. We discussed my concerns and Laura made some suggestions and or recommendations. After working with her for some time I realized how knowledgeable she was.

It was a pleasure working with Laura, as I never felt uncomfortable or rushed. She always explained things in a simple language. My particular estate planning needs were somewhat complicated and required several “special needs trusts” which I felt, that with Laura’s help, “I had finally accomplished my goals”. I would recommend Laura to anyone, in need of estate planning.” – W.R., 2011

“Laura’s knowledge…helped my elderly parents make educated decisions for their future. She is truly a professional in her field. Laura also makes a client feel special.“ – D.L.

“Laura helped us through a lengthy process of creating wills, living wills, and trusts. Many of the decisions my wife and I had to make were complicated and had legal ramifications. Laura patiently explained all of our options (several times). I always found her council to be excellent and I will use her services again.” – T.C.

“Laura helped“Laura’s firms biggest strength is the genuine concern shown to the client and the ability to handle anything that comes along.” – J.G.