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Handling Probate for Estate and Trust Administration in South Jersey

Coping with the loss of a loved one is never easy. Court procedures can seem daunting and confusing and, often times, there can be highly complex considerations that may not be obvious to the administrator or beneficiaries of the estate or trust. For these reasons, seeking the guidance and counsel of a New Jersey Probate Attorney is extremely important. Ergood Law works with you to navigate the legal, tax and administrative issues that go along with administering an estate or trust through the probate process. Our goal is always to assist you by helping you understand the situation and achieving the most efficient and cost-effective resolutions for all outstanding estate or trust issues.

Ergood Law has experience helping NJ estate and trust administrators and their families to execute in these tough times. To this point, most of your focus has been on planning for the future and now it is time to tackle the items that have now come to be as you have to face this critical life event. Call us today at 856-266-9525 or contact us online so that we can help partner with you during this very important time.

Understanding Probate and Estate Administration in New Jersey

With the passing of a family member or loved one, their estate will need to be settled and this usually happens in the state of New Jersey through a court-led process known as probate. You may hear it referred to as Estate Administration or Probate and Estate Administration. In this process, the assets of the deceased are accounted for and distributed to their remaining loved ones and colleagues. In New Jersey, timing can vary for the completion of estate administration and is generally dictated by the size and the complexity of the estate as well as any local NJ or South Jersey rules that may be in place which impact the estate. The final factor will be the court schedule and how quickly the probate court can hear the case.

Probate Administration Steps

While similarities exist across all estate administration cases, each probate is unique and most will follow these steps when going through a New Jersey probate court:

  • Petition is filed with the New Jersey state or county probate court
  • Heirs are notified that the process has begun
  • A petition is filed to appoint an executor (for situations where a will is in place) or an administrator (for those instances where a will is no present)
  • The executor or administrator will inventory and appraise the estate’s assets
  • Any debt owed by the estate will be distributed to the proper creditors
  • Assets in the estate are sold or liquidated based on administrator or executor instruction
  • Any applicable estate taxes are paid
  • Estate assets are distributed to the rightful heirs as determined by the probate process

A New Jersey Probate Lawyer That Can Help

Ergood Law offers a complete range of legal services for probate and estate administration for residents of New Jersey. We can handle the process from start to finish, including any of the following:

  • Opening the estate and admitting the will and any codicils that may have been amended to the will
  • Initiating trust administration
  • Appointing a personal representative or the successor
  • Determining heirs/heirship and locating any unknown heirs
  • Closing of estates and trusts, including preparation of inventory, accounting and all supporting documents that the court dictates are necessary for your particular probate
  • Provide general and specialized advice for the fiduciary regarding any and all aspects of the administration, including creditor issues and dealings, tax related items, managing the sale of businesses or real estate interests or handling insolvent estates
  • Providing specialty representation for matters dealing with creditors and beneficiaries of an estate or trust
  • Acting as fiduciary

Estate Administration can be challenging not only due to potential legal complexity, but it often comes at a time that involves the loss of someone close. Decisions can seem more difficult to make and understanding the complexities of probate, wills and the process for estate administration can seem harder than expected. Let us help you. Contact us today at 856-266-9525 to learn more about how we can assist you and your family.

Probate and Trust Administration

When a loved one passes and has a trust or living trust in place, the process for distributing assets will most likely not need to include the probate process or a probate court. Assets can be distributed without court supervision when a trust has been created prior to their death. Trust administration still involves a great deal of effort and expertise and is best left to the guidance of a legal professional. Trust administration and distribution of the assets is a diligent process that requires scrutiny and oversight to ensure prudent decision making has been used by the trustee. A knowledgeable review of the trustee’s responsibilities acting on behalf of the trust for its beneficiaries can help not only ensure beneficiaries are treated properly, but that the trustee is protected as well.

Our trust administration lawyers have the experience in New Jersey working with trustees (both corporate and individual) to navigate the responsibilities of a trustee and the mountain of questions that may arise as they step through the trust administration process. Give us a call today or fill out our contact form so that we can provide the guidance and assistance that you need.

To find out more about probate, estate litigation or trust administration in New Jersey, contact us today at 856-266-9525 to schedule a consultation and get the process started.