New Jersey Elder Law Attorney

As we age our circumstances change. We begin to have new financial concerns. We may decide it is time to move to an assisted living community, nursing home or hire in-home help. Thoughts of protecting your assets to pay for long term care and benefit your heirs one day start to weigh on you. Elder Law involves planning for these life changes in advance and during times of crisis.

It is recommended that you seek counsel from an experienced New Jersey Elder Law Attorney before making any of these decisions. A NJ Elder Law Attorney will help you develop a plan while having your best interest in mind. They can assist with contract reviews & negotiations with a nursing home or an assisted living facility. They will explain the best plan for your particular circumstances and the complicated laws and regulations governing this area of the law.

Ergood Law has experience helping senior citizens and their families plan for the future. Whether that is planning for what may come or tackling the items that have now come to be, we can help not only with planning and executing on these life events, but also assisting with determining how best to pay for your long term care given income, assets, goals and desires as they relate to your overall estate plan. Call us today at 856-266-9525 or contact us online.

New Jersey Elder Law Attorneys Have Experience Handling Senior Needs

Ergood Law provides our clients comprehensive elder law services for families and individuals throughout Southern New Jersey. With offices located in Cherry Hill, NJ, we have served the community proudly for decades. We are equipped to handle the situations and circumstances that you and your family are facing and pride ourselves on staying up to date on new and changing laws and regulations governing elder law and medicaid issues throughout New Jersey.

Our experience and continued dedication to improving our practice effectively enables us to advocate for the rights of our senior clients. Our guiding principles of collaboration, education, integrity and persistence allow us to address the legal needs of not only our clients but their spouses, children and other family members. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with understanding and peace of mind as you take on complicated elder law situations. We approach this by providing a holistic plan that is inclusive of not just your elder law needs, but also considers your physical needs, family issues, and other factors that may exist in your personal situation.

Elder Law NJ: Services We Offer

We specialize in the following Elder Law NJ services for our clients. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you with your unique circumstances.

Long Term Care Planning

As you plan for your later years, many will rely on private long-term care insurance or their own financial reserves and resources to cover the expenses related to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Private coverage is definitely an option as a funding source for these facilities, however, other options are available. We will help you develop an integrated plan that draws on private insurance, Medicaid and veteran’s benefits to ensure that you or your family member can get the level of care they deserve without wiping out personal finances.

Medicaid Planning and Applications

A family or senior citizen can suffer devastation when trying to cover the escalating costs associated with the caring of an aging person. Spouses and children are forced to dig into their own financial reserves to care for aging spouses and parents. Healthcare costs are a major reason that individuals file for bankruptcy. We can help you devise a plan to protect your family’s finances and minimize the long-term care costs by properly planning for asset protection and understanding Medicaid eligibility requirements.

Our experience can help in the following areas of Medicaid Planning and Applications:

Protection of Family Home

Medicaid Applications

Advance Asset Protection Planning

Medicaid Crisis Planning & Spend-downs

Medicaid Compliant Annuities

Community Spouse Protections

Medicaid Estate Recovery

Medicare Appeals

Care Navigation and Advocacy

Care Navigation and Advocacy can help elderly with understanding the care available to them, help in decision making and ensure they receive the quality care they deserve. We support our clients by providing comprehensive assessments, client and family caregiver advocacy and awareness and the resources necessary to understand options and make the best decisions.

Senior Housing Contracts

We can provide legal advice and services to long-term care and senior housing. These providers face incredible challenges due to government and regulatory pressures. We can help our clients anticipate the risks, look for opportunities and, ultimately, make informed decisions that will best benefit their organizations and facilities.

Litigation for Vulnerable Adults

Most are familiar with orders of protection based on domestic violence or abuse and, unfortunately, aging seniors are no exception to this type of neglect, abuse and financial exploitation. We take the protection of the elderly very seriously and we can help you or assist you in aiding a family member to protect them if they are subject to physical or financial abuse.

To find out more about elder law planning in New Jersey including long term care planning and Medicaid planning, contact us today at 856-266-9525 to schedule a consultation and get the process started.