Can You Be Buried With Your Pet?

Most states either have laws specifically prohibiting pets and humans to be buried together or are silent on the issue. But at least four states have laws allowing some form of combined [...]


The 6 Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes

While you likely have the best of intentions regarding how you want your estate distributed when you die or your affairs handled should you become incapacitated, without proper planning your [...]

Leaving Assets Can Be Tricky – Part 3

A Special Needs Trust is tailored to help a beneficiary with special needs receive an inheritance without jeopardizing their current or future public needs-tested benefits, such as Medicaid or [...]

Leaving Assets Can Be Tricky

Maybe you grew up without much. You worked hard. You earned a good education. You succeeded in life even though the streets weren’t paved with gold where you grew up. Maybe you even grew up in a [...]


Whom Do You Want to Get Your Assets?

It’s important to consider whom you’d want to get your assets when you die. Most of us have an idea of whom we’d choose. But, it’s also important to consider who should get those assets if your [...]

Make Your Own Plan

Some people plan their estates carefully. Some people don’t have an estate plan at all. That’s called dying intestate. In that situation, the state in which they live at their death has a default [...]

Choosing The Right Agent

Written by Attorneys for the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys A Secret Agent may be very important to protecting the nation. Your Agent is just as important for your protection. An [...]

The Benefits of Trusts

There are many good reasons to use trusts. Trusts avoid the probate process, which is a public process to change title of assets from the deceased person to the new recipient. Trusts may be [...]